WIBN Bmouth & Christchurch - Fond Farewells & New Beginnings

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The June WIBN Christchurch meeting was overflowing to the brim with talented women who filled the Captain’s Club, with effervescent joie de vivre despite the gloomy weather. The buoyant mood was carried throughout as we started the meeting with our one-minute presentations whizzing round the table at breath-taking speed as everyone showcased their particular talent whilst remembering to offer something to the table. As chair Joannah Bishop reminded us – ‘it is about what you can give to others at WIBN, not simply about what you can take’.

A fantastic assortment of businesses were represented at this month’s meeting each with something unique to offer and all run by women with a clear passion and talent for what they do – amongst those present this month were Dawn Palmer of Dawn Palmer coaching, Emma Collett of Mortgages for Medicswho made us laugh by referring to herself as the ‘Mortgage Ninja’, Karen Atkinson of Blake and Blake Property, Lesley Dixon of Milburn Finance, Lynne Henderson of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Marianne Cockle of Coastal VAs, Sarah Butler of Bark Financial and Nicola Highland and Jess Percival of William Thompson

Our first five-minute presentation was an absolute treat as Sadie Newton of Travel Counsellors took us on an exotic around the world tour, which had us all salivating at the thought. Picture a Singapore Sling on Sundozer Island, followed by viewing glow worms in Auckland and a scenic trip on the Trans Alpine Express topped with a picturesque and peaceful cruise on Milford Sound – I could go on but I think you get the picture. Sadie kept us entranced with her fantastic round the world trip – a genuine jaunt that she had booked for a client lasting three months and costing in excess of £50,000!

Sadie expressed her absolute passion for what she does and explained how she is able to cater for all budgets and organise all the details of your trip from passports and visas to champagne on arrival. What came across most prominently is the personalised service that Sadie offers, which is a breath of fresh air if you have spent too many hours scouring the internet trying to book a trip of a lifetime.

Instead of our usual second five-minute presentation today’s session also marked a little bit of the end of an era as incumbent chair Joannah Bishop told us that she is stepping down after several years. Joannah is going to concentrate on her businesses and also let someone else take the reins so that she can play a different role in the meetings. She handed over to the very capable Amanda Burger of Intulo Health who is a WIBN regular and has proven on previous occasions that she is more than up to the challenge of chairing the monthly meetings.

As a farewell gift Joannah held a short quiz (which disarmingly revealed our ages). She played a series of tracks from her radio station Hot Radio and we all had to guess both the artist and the song. The majority of us scored 10 or under with the total score being 20. However one dazzling lady amongst us Sara Armstrong of Bournemouth Hospital Charity, proved her zest for life and ear for music by outshining us all with a brilliant score of 15 (how does she do it?) winning some lush chocolate whilst Louise Jolley of Louise Jolley Photography correctly remembered the radio frequency for Hot Radio leading to her taking home a bottle of the finest Prosecco - all thanks to Joannah’s generosity. It was a lot of fun and reminded me that I used to be so hot on music – I have to up my game!

We also welcomed an array of lovely ladies visiting WIBN and showcasing their businesses to the group this month -  including Caroline Carr of Find Your Oomph, Hannah Jeffrey of HJ Accounts Management, Hayley Burns of Hayley Burns Health and Wellbeing, Irena Daniels of the Skin Clinic,  Jan Hunt of Dorset Trade Windows Ltd and Sue Benoke of LMI-UK

So, although it is farewell to Joannah for now it is not au revoir as she has promised that she will still be regularly spotted at WIBN meetings. We will certainly be on the look-out for you Joannah.

And on a final note from this month’s blog - yet again I have to leave parting words to the irrepressible Dawn Palmer, if you are considering joining WIBN

‘Do it while you’ve all your buttons on!’

Julie Connery, Connect Words

The next WIBN Christchurch takes place on Thursday 28th July 2016 at the CAPTAIN’S CLUB HOTEL AND SPA

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